We are all here in a race , its just as life is like a stadium the more you score the more you are loved! but what you think , is it true ? confusion ? haha here i am back with no love stories : no betrayals , but something different .today i am here to speak , dont think about how boring it would be just read and share your views in the comment section.
Since childhood we are always under pressure of standing first in academics , extra curricular activities and in being good books of teachers. this is not wrong , but surely impact our thinking .we observe that the one who scores well is popular , is loved by all , everyone wants to be friends with them and that’s natural .though no one succeed being a perfect student or a perfect child . but story doesn’t ends here , this was just a start .the thinking of being perfect doesn’t stop here , this is the stage when it begins :

 The beginning of being successfull

The beginning of working hardthe beginning of wining , just winning

the beginning of hoping  a perfect relationship

the beginning of hoping a perfect career

the beginning of hoping the luxuries life , a perfect place to live .

the beginning of admiring people and have a perfect in shape body , style or looks

the beginning of many good and bad hopes ! cant say it bad , there is nothing bad in the world its just our perception but yeah a hope which is can be a hurdle of our happiness and the last , the beginning of acquiring a perfect life oh i mean THE PERFECT LIFE .

In this never pausing life we are fighting with ourselves , with others in a fear of getting knocked out from the race.we just want to be famous , we want us to be loved by the people , we want to be rich ; classy ; charming.but somewhere we forget things which are really important to us and thats us , we , ourselves .in this world where we all are running to be wowww!

we forget this 3 things

We forget what we have

What we want, 

And  what actually  matters to us !

we all learn to have high hopes to dream high but are not taught to look down and learn from the people who don’t have things which we have , who dream a type of living you are living right now ! think about those who doesn’t even know whether they will see their loved ones next morning or not .in this running and struggling life we forget ourselves , our talent , things what we love . To be successfull u need to be better person .dont strive meeting peoples need , ones u are satisfied with what u have stop there and live peacefully we complain each other for problems in our lives , but we are the one who create it no relationships are perfect as displayed on social media and on other sites , there are 100 of clicks done to get a single perfect shot , so think this a RELATIONSHIP which so much complicated that we can never end the fights and similarly its the way too beautiful that we are unable to end it 

we should be thanking god for everything we have , because in chase of being perfect we forget thanking him , but remember complaining him about what we don’t have !

we should be thankful for the breathe we took just now

we should be thankful for the eyes we have , we can see so many colours and happy faces around us

we should be thankful for our ears that brings those beautiful birds chirping voice to us , those amazing music we hear

 we should be thankful for this nose which smells delicious food which is coming from our mom’s kitchen

we should be thankful for our legs that help us running (oh not for being perfect ) , walking , to travel around the world with ease

we should be thankful for this hands which helps us helping others 

we should be thankful for this body which is so imperfectly perfect.

After failing for so many times in being perfect my mom asked me that why u want to change ? tell me the reason , why are u just rushing to be someone whom your are not?without any reply from me , she got it !its society , we cant blame people because it is our mistake , we let them involve in our life .we live to please society for being accepted in the so called good group

Remember u can never be successful until u are happy , until people around you thats the family , your friend are happy no one is perfect and can never be !so dont regret about the way you look just because you think how will people see me , if u accept yourself the way you are everyone will start loving you dont think about how much you earn , if u draw a smile on a single face each day . You are the most richest person in the worlddo what u love , be what you are and stay healthy for not being in a shape but to live healthy life , and you win your livingfor some minutes or an hour we get motivated after a lecture from our parents or after watching or reading  a motivational article or video but again we are on track of doing what others do or what others love . there are many challenges in our life , many hurdles will come accross your path but never lose hope !hope is like a flame in the dark room , and never giving up attiude will bring fire to the flame that will light up the room . So be yourself an keep trying for not winning but living happier !


so guys take care of yourself leave your comments down in the comments box will love to read them and do share your veiws  so even i will learn from you all 

By insiya patanwala

As i cant hide my feelings anymore , so i turned them into Adorable Verses i just dont write to share my feelings it is the reason i live . dream to publish my own novel ameen!


ayeee Thats Right Hope is just like a flame in the dark room
Bcoz in the dark even the smalllest flame seems the brightest!
Stay blessed and keep smiling!

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