Who raised me with pride

so after writing so many times

and clicking on backspace for hundred times

finally i tried my best , to thank you

for all of your love and sacrifice you do

from the day i was born

You are my unicorn

those arms who cover me

 those fingers who hold me

your beautiful lullababies

to whom i listen even after infancy

you have not made a day without father to me

you know without you everything bother to me

those non stop jokes you crack

we laugh together , even if the humour lack

apart from laughs , you know my emotions

you are busy being a clown , when i cry oceans

whenever my mistakes converts into your fault

mom keeps all our plans at halt

but we enjoy them  on time

and hence we are partner in crime

you didnt taught me , whats right or wrong

you made me realize about it  u wanted me to be independent , not depended lifelong

you encouraged me to explore

my skills , my talent and much more

our bond is really different

you are more a bestfried to me , rather than just being a parent

everyone say i look like you

 a smaller girlier version of you

this 18 yrs spent with you

are golden memories of mine with you

this is what i want to say

and also i pray everyday

that i keep feeling safe , as you are around

no one can ever dare to give me a wound

i pray to god , for your healthy life

ohh! shit , i forgot your wife.

love you both my prettiest souls

no one can replace you both , as you both play major roles


Photo by Katie E on

By insiya patanwala

As i cant hide my feelings anymore , so i turned them into Adorable Verses i just dont write to share my feelings it is the reason i live . dream to publish my own novel ameen!

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