DIVYA ( a strange mystery)

“stop shouting ravi ” ,said maya .”i will shout!  because i cant take this obligations now, it has been 10 years we are together still you dont trust me” ,said ravi. Couple was busy  fighting on how maya doubt him for his friendship with divya and how ravi is irresponsible towards thier relationship.(divya was ravi’s colleague  and were best friends from childhood)in this chaotic situation a 9 year old little boy vivaan  ( their son) was peeping from the hole of the door in the room ravi heard his son whimpering and opened the door he took his child and make him go to sleep .

Next morning everything was normal but not for vivaan , his mother was extremely strict and on the other side ravi was his friendmaya never took vivaan seriously she used to misss her parents meeting , used to be out of town for days ………

but the worst part for the family was yet to come !couple used to fight every other day and maya’s behaviour towards vivaan was making him away from hervivaan was an average child and maya wanted him to score excellent , vivaan was a naughty child and had lots of complains from whichever place he visit.maya was  over possessive towards her relations with ravi and her child,  her intentions were not bad the her way was wrong.

Once maya had to go out for a week for a deal  , this made vivaan happy , that he can enjoy this week without any restrictions , maya leaves on sunday nightnext morinig the schedule remains the same but as vivaan returns home , he see one lady sitting on sofa waiting for him. vivaan asks her who she is ? she replies , i am divya your dads friend whole day vivaan and divya enjoys and vivaan starts getting attach to her , till evening she asks vivaan that keep it secret and not to share about her with anyonen , vivaan says ” yes do but have to promise me that you will also come everyday to meet me .she agrees and leaves.that night ravi see vivaan being happy enjoying and talking with himself . ravi thinks its because maya is not at home . next day too divya was waiting for him at home , she played with him enjoyed  and said him that “vivaan , beta you are the best , your mom doesnt love you .this repeated for next 4 days , during all of this days she told him that she loves him very much and cant leave him alone , ravi had no idea about it .on the last when maya was going to return ,  divya asked vivaan whom will he choose as a mother vivaan says “you”divya says that you have to kill your mom who hits you and even dont love you if you want me as your mother

That night was scary because a 9 year old child hits his mother on her head with a vase.hopefully maya didnt got major injury but his parents were shocked on how their child attacked on his own motheras it was attempt to murder case hospital registered a case against vivaaninspector aarav mehta was speechless knowing this scenario, he and his team went in search of divya but she was out of station for a deal and had to come after 3 days

As she reached police arrested her and asked vivaan whether she was with you and vivaan declined!everyone was amazed that divya was in front of him and he said that she was not the one , even divya said that she was at office and had left for the deal on saturday so it was impossible for her to meet vivaan they made the sketch of the lady whom vivaan used to meet and started finding her , police had no leads regarding ms duplicate divya even his parents parents dint knew her but the strange part was yet to come !the woman, police was finding didnt exist , according to vivaan she sometimes used to be with him during shower , watching tv having breakfast and even while playing this left ravi and maya horrified they decided to consult a child psychologist , and took vivaan to her after 1 hour session psychologist got to know that the woman he is seeing and talking continously is his illusion  and he is going through schizophrenia

As ravi and maya used to fight about divya this made vivaan think of her and due to harsh nature of maya he started creating an image of divya in his mind . he created divya as he want his mom to be and the attempt to murder was his mindset of bringing divya in his life and remove mayamaya was left speechless .psychologist asked them to spend more time with and control their fight , maya left her job and started spending time with vivaan , she enjoyed with him and made him understand she loves him very much after 6 months vivaan again had a session with psychologist , she asked him that , does divya aunty comes to meet you ? he declined and said i told her that i love my parents and not to come in my life and she never returned……. after returning vivaan wrote  divya  maya is my mother on his door of the room

Researchers believe high-conflict marriages take a toll on a child’s mental health for several reasons:

Kids are emotionally insecure , The parent-child relationship may be affected , Fighting creates a stressful environment. And can lead to many other problems

The psychotic symptoms of people with schizophrenia, such as hallucinations and delusions, may produce experiences that others consider bizarre and incomprehensible. Spiritual experiences, which are generally thought of as ‘special’ and ‘uncommon’ may be viewed as signs and symptoms of mental illness

By insiya patanwala

As i cant hide my feelings anymore , so i turned them into Adorable Verses i just dont write to share my feelings it is the reason i live . dream to publish my own novel ameen!

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Great story… Unique concept and writing… Thinking of a inovative idea to look upon the effect of the child, through his surroundings and mates who he/she follows do matter alot.

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