From the day she is born she is said, ‘to be in her limits ‘
Why can’t she wear the clothes of her desire ?
Why is she told not to laugh in public ?
Why is she stopped by traveling alone ?
Whenever a man is assaulting or molesting her , why is she always blamed for no reason ?
Why always she have to compromise ?
Why besides of studies household work and marriage is given first priority in women’s case ?
Why her clothes are judged , whether she is in burqa or a skirt rapists do thier work , whyyyy ?
Why even in this modern world girls have to go through this stuff ?
Each and every women wants to ask , WHY ?

If you are not in this situation , it doesn’t mean it’s not happening with someone else .
*Sorry* if anyone found my words hurtful .
I didn’t want to hurt anyone intentionally !

By insiya patanwala

As i cant hide my feelings anymore , so i turned them into Adorable Verses i just dont write to share my feelings it is the reason i live . dream to publish my own novel ameen!

20 replies on “WHY”

Fantastic work, important words. And “why” is, sadly, the question that we keep on having to ask, from girlhood and for the rest of our lives. Why are we held responsible for the crimes of those men who abuse us and the insecurities of those that want to push us down? Your piece expresses this so well. Great work 👏👏👏🌹

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There’s a whole world out here sharing your questions. Your God did not decree you should be any less, those who claim to have special knowledge of your God are responsible. If you remember they are afraid of your power it might help you to understand them, but trust in the God not the prophet – one day you will be free.


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