To Dad By Daughter

A man who loves us

Promise to be with us

He wiped our tears

We are thier dears

He is our true friend

Who would never leave our hand

He is the only man

Who is our fan

This is my second poem I wrote when I was 10 years old

For my dad on his birthday I remember dad was very happy when I wrote a poem for him

A simple and short poem dedicated to my dad.

Dads never express their love to us.

The bond between a father and daughter is unexplainable . They often look hard just like a coconut but thier hearts are soft inside .

Thanks for always being there for us .

Thank you

Hope you all like it !

By insiya patanwala

As i cant hide my feelings anymore , so i turned them into Adorable Verses i just dont write to share my feelings it is the reason i live . dream to publish my own novel ameen!