My nightmare

My ๐ŸŒƒ mare

I remember that rainy day

We were on the way
Those clouds were so grey
I didn’t knew we had to pay
We were enjoying our drive
I was with my would be wife
Omg that car’s light

Took everything away from my sight

I still think of uh my lovely pair
My eyes seek uh everywhere
Whom to call , whom to say
Come back to me my bae


This poem is very close to my heart .

It was actually one of my nightmare and I was really depressed about it and then i turned it into a poem

Hope this poem will make some place in all of yours heartโค๏ธ

Thanks for reading!

By insiya patanwala

As i cant hide my feelings anymore , so i turned them into Adorable Verses i just dont write to share my feelings it is the reason i live . dream to publish my own novel ameen!