People usually ask me why I started writing

After loosing him

I thought I am mean

I was all alone

Like a simcard without phone
But once I came across

A pen and the book

I wrote my all cries and shouts
Can you just have a look

This is one of my fav poem…. I wrote it when I was thirteen years old

Now I am seventeen and I have written number of poetries , quotes, stories

I often go to my friends and family for a feedback for each

They boost my energy and ask me to write more and explore ….

But there are some people to be villains in my life. They give me all types of negativity they can . And I start feeling bad …… but at that time my dad told me “you are a rising star people will keep suppressing you but you have to come up with a smiling face ”

And this words are enough to discard those negative words from my brain

This poem is just a kick start to my blogging hope you people will like it .

Thank you !

By insiya patanwala

As i cant hide my feelings anymore , so i turned them into Adorable Verses i just dont write to share my feelings it is the reason i live . dream to publish my own novel ameen!